Lemongrass Bar & Restaurant

Review by The Travellist

Not many restaurants open and are packed every single day and night from the moment they open the doors. It’s a sign of delicious food, great service and good prices. Lemongrass Bar & Restaurant opened just over 6 months ago and if they could fit in more tables, they would fill them too.

On a busy night, if you don’t have a booking, you can expect to sit at the bar and wait for a table for a short time…which is fine because the drinks list is huge and the wait for a table is more than worth it.

I’m not going to pretend that this is my first visit to Lemongrass. In fact a few friends know if I’m not home, it’s a safe bet I’m at Lemongrass Bar & Restaurant. There’s not much on the menu I haven’t tried but I do have a few faves. The pizzas are all cheesy goodness on a crispy base – if you can handle heat, add a handful of freshly chopped chilli to the vegetarian pizza. The pasta Mediterranean is a light but filling combination of fresh tuna, olives, tomato and eggplant. And the Nasi Campur…a huge plate of delicious! You could order that dish and a few starters and share with it with someone…or don’t share it. And for 65,000IDR, it’s great value. A good friend of mine who also lives here swears by the Crispy Chicken, good comfort food served on mash potato or chips.

Lemongrass also offers a home delivery service. So for those nights when you just don’t want to leave the villa, order in and enjoy great food in the comfort of your villa or by the pool. A great solution when the kids are tired from a day of snorkelling and swimming or when last night’s cocktails means you need a quiet night at home.

However Lemongrass isn’t just a restaurant. It has great live music and the drink selection is so big it has a menu all of its own. Try one of their namesake fresh juices (Lemongrass Detox is my fave) or be naughty and have a cocktail and listen to local island or Bali bands.

I admit when I first went to Lemongrass Bar & Restaurant was because when a new restaurant opens it’s exciting to go check it out. But I kept coming back. Partly for the food and partly for how the place makes you feel. With the big couches and chairs you could curl up in, it’s like having your good friends over for dinner…where someone else is cooking amazing food and making sure your glass is never empty.

But for this Lemongrass fan and foodie, it’s the staff and the owners who make me want to come back all the time. Pak Wayan and Ibu Wayan care about their business and their staff and it shows. They greet you as you come up the steps and if you go there as often as I do, you get a hug from everyone!

Put Lemongrass Bar & Restaurant at the top of your list of places to eat and drink when visiting our beautiful island. Oh and say hi from me and The Lembongan Traveller!

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Words and images by The Travellist

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