Movies Under the Stars

Review by The Travellist

Picture this…you’ve had a busy day diving, or snorkelling with the kids, or exploring the island, and you just want to relax, have good food and maybe a drink or two. But the younger people in the family still want entertainment!

Now picture sitting on deck chairs, under palm trees and stars, with a delicious pizza, icy cold beer (only for the parents!) and you’re watching a movie. Sounds like a perfect way to end the day right?

Let me introduce myself – my name is Clare, a.k.a The Travellist, and I am a Movies Under the Stars fan through and through. So much so I plan my trips to Lembongan around what movies are playing. I do live in Sanur so it’s not a hard trip to plan! I just happen to really like sitting close to the beach, in the fresh air, under the stars, drinking wine and eating great food – the movie is a lovely bonus.

Movies Under the Stars is held at Hai Bar & Grill, located at the Hai Tide Beach Resort, so you have the advantage of being able to order off their full menu while chilling out on deck chairs. You can even order your dinner and cocktails before the movie starts and the staff will bring it out to you. I like matching my food to the movie. So for example they played Star Wars recently so I had a Hawaiian pizza because it took me right back to my childhood. For The Castle I had a burger, only because they don’t do rissoles – a Castle reference. And yes, the place was packed for The Castle, with Aussies quoting their favourite lines before, during and after the movie. (What do you want with jousting sticks Darl?)

The great thing about Movies Under the Stars is that it’s great to go as a whole family or parents – let the kids order pizza and watch a classic like The Goonies or The Princess Bride, while you enjoy a quiet dinner and a cocktail or three at the restaurant.

Holidaying on Lembongan can be as action-packed as you like: with diving; surfing; yoga-ing; motor-biking; or just walking from one great bar to another. And in a few days you can do all this and more. But holidays on Lembongan can also be very relaxing with long lazy days by the pool, daily massages and afternoon siestas. For me there is something quite magical about watching a movie in the open air, with a cool breeze, candle light, and wine. And aren’t holidays meant to be just that little bit magical?

Hai Bar & Grill change the movie selection weekly with movie nights being Monday, Thursday and Saturday currently. So if you are heading to Lembongan, check their Facebook page for what’s showing at the movies.

Oh and one more thing to love about Movies Under the Stars, if you are doing dinner at Hai Bar & Grill, they have a pick up and drop off service. So tired kids don’t have to walk home and you can safely enjoy an extra wine…or two!

Happy Lembongan-ing holiday makers!

Words and images by The Travellist

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