Nusa Lembongan – COVID-19

Nusa Lembongan – COVID-19

To our valued travellers, colleagues and Lembongan family 

 We would like to address the current COVID-19 situation, although it is hard to keep up at the rapid pace it is evolving.  We extend our support & prayers to all who have been impacted by the virus. 

We are here to assist all our valued TLT customers with their holiday plans, and understand the concern and uncertainty surrounding travelling at the moment.   Our team are working tirelessly to ensure the best possible outcome for our guests and will continue to be available 7 days a week via phone or email.   

We support the measures being taken by countries with  travel bans, self-isolation, social distancing and encouraging healthy hygiene practices.   If we are ALL diligent the sooner our travelling community will be back on its feet and in the air. 

When things do settle, PLEASE put Nusa Lembongan on your list, our Lembongan family, who rely on tourism for their livelihoods, are feeling the brunt of COVID-19.  Their open arms & warm hearts are ready to welcome you back island side as soon as the new “normal” is set and we can once again enjoy travelling to Bali and beyond.

Thank you for support and loyalty, it is this, which will enable small businesses like TLT to get through this wild ride.

Stay well, take care of each other & give kindness.