Bali International Airport is OPEN

Bali International Airport is OPEN

Bali International Airport is OPEN –  TRAVEL UPDATE

The first international flight in almost 2 years has landed at Bali International Airport, 3 February 2022.  A huge step forward as we approach 24 months of COVID and reflect on the impact no international travel into Bali has had on the Lembongan community.

We hope this will see the beginning of a new normal, where people can travel to Bali and beyond, with relatively limited restrictions.


When did BALI International Airport open?

Bali International Airport has officially been “open” since October 2021, however the first plane landed last night, 3 February.  The was a lot of anticipation as its been a long time coming and we hope this is the start of a new flow of visitors to Bali.

Who is allowed into Indonesia?

Everyone can travel to Indonesia, the previous restriction on 19 countries has been lifted. People holding a KITAS/KITAP visa must enter via Jakarta or Manado, those on a B211 visit visa, can enter via Bali.  There is no holiday visa on arrival.

Do you have to Quarantine?

Yes you currently need to quarantine for 5 days.  Bali quarantine is at one of the Government Approved Hotels, currently there are 5 hotels listed, where guests are isolated to a restricted area of the hotel, being able to use a selection of facilities that are only accessed by quarantine guests and staff.  Hotel staff servicing the quarantine area stay on site at the hotel and undergo similar COVID testing procedures as guests. After finishing quarantine you are free to travel through out Bali and beyond, following government health protocols.

What is a B211 Visa?

The B211 Visit Visa is for those wishing to enter Bali for tourism / holiday purposes. It requires all visitors to meet a range of COVID practices including; full vaccination, negative PCR test within 48 hours of departure and proof of $25,000 of medical travel insurance.

There is currently NO Visa on Arrival.

Are people in Bali vaccinated?

86% of people in Bali (including Lembongan) have received their first vaccination and 75% their second dose, these figures are increasing daily.  Sinopharm and Astrazeneca have been used through out Indonesia.

Are boosters available in Bali?

Yes a national booster program started in mid January with priority being given to 60+ years.  Health care workers were given boosters in the last quarter of 2021.

Are masks being worn in Bali and Lembongan?

Yes masks are mandatory at all times in public areas.

Are you able to travel from Bali to Lembongan?

YES, plenty of boat companies are operating. PCR tests are not required to travel from Bali to Lembongan. We cover off lots of questions in our recent BLOG.

What accommodation is open on Lembongan?

There is a range of accommodation open on Lembongan.  Understandably many have chosen to remain closed, whilst others are open and offering incredibly reduced rates in an effort to keep staff employed and maintain an operational level.  The Lembongan Traveller portfolio of managed villas are open. SEE MORE

Are restaurants open on Lembongan?

Similar to accommodation, some restaurants are closed, with others open and adjusting opening hours / days. Hopefully with the reopening of Bali airport this will change, and we will see more visitors and more of our favourite restaurants being able to open. View our EAT page for the details.  SEE MORE

Is Lembongan ready for the return of tourism?

Yes Lembongan is ready!  The locals are ready to have their favourite visitors back, everyone is vaccinated, boats are operating, the beaches are looking beautiful, we are just missing YOU.

We hope the arrival of planes into Bali International Airport is the beginning of a steady shift to tourism returning.

We look forward to welcoming you island side.



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