Mata Sidhi takes you to the essence of Bali through wellness experiences, cultural tours, and retreats

We are delighted to share our cultural and wellness experiences that bring you to the most authentic and memorable moments during your visit to Bali. We will invite you to explore Balinese culture, spirituality, and nature that will bring refreshment and recharge both physically and mentally. Our programs can be designed according to your needs, whether private, couples or group programs.



Matasidhi Holy Trip for the soul
(Water Temple Ceremony, Energy Reading, Sound Healing) This experience is made for you who want to find your inner calling, understand your life path and immerse yourself with the beauty of Balinese spirituality and culture. This experience included:

  1. Free pick-up transfer from the meeting point at Ubud, Sanur, Denpasar area
  2. Water soul cleansing at water temple
  3. Sound and crystal healing
  4. Advice with Balinese Shaman
  5. Animal release (by request)
  6. Donation to the water temple
  7. Donation to the Shaman
  8. Offerings to the temple and Shaman.

Firstly we will go to a sacred water Temple to do water cleansing, a Balinese practice an ancient method to neutralize negative energies. Next step we will visit the Balinese energy healer for reading your energy and sound healing. She/He can read your palm, face, aura, and fortune and will give you the advice to smooth your life. After water blessing, we will do animal release as our compassionate act to all sentient beings. This whole experience will make you feel refreshed and give you some insight into your life path.


Energy ready and sound healing

The key to unlocking your extraordinariness, your unique essence, and reaching out to higher possibilities of your expression is right in your energy field. Whatever question you want to look at, your energetic field will speak for you. Receiving an energy reading is a revealing and enlightening experience that will awaken you to see yourself and your life from a completely new dimension. Our energy reader and healer will read your energy using aura, numerology, tarot and palm reading. By understanding your blocking energy Energy healing is a form of alternative, holistic medicine using the electromagnetic and energetic connections with life forces of various forms to heal. Sound healing: Sound is a vibration and vibrations are a form of energy. By using singing bowls and ancient instruments, specific healing vibrations can travel through the water content inside your body and carry the frequency needed to release energy blockages. Chakra Balancing: Chakras are the energy centers that control different areas of your physical, emotional, and energetic bodies. When a chakra is out of balance, you become ill. A modality to rebalance chakras through channeling the cosmic energy, breathing techniques, or other techniques is an effective way to address specific conditions.

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SACRED LOVE BLESSING ( Balinese’s Ceremony for couple and energy reading)

Celebrate your love journey or anniversary while in Bali. This experience is made to strengthen your relationship with a spiritual bond and understand your relationship path with your partner. A spiritual blessing is a great addition to the celebration of good fortune and love for a lifetime with your partner. This experience not only purifies and unifies you but also gives you a chance to experience one of Balinese culture and ceremonies. We will also dress you up in special Balinese wedding attire with special photography! couple  blessing would be homa jayna or bebayuh and water blessing

  1. Homa Yajna is a Balinese sacred healing fire ceremony originating from the
    ancient Vedic texts. This fire healing ritual is known to be effective in helping one let go of unwanted aspects in their lives and similarly, bring in and manifest new intentions and new life.
  2. Bebayuh offering, is derived from the Balinese word “Bayuh“ which means cleanse and purify negative energies are released to bring in positivity to become a true joyful and conscious being.
  3.  After homa jayna/ bebayuh a karmic reading session by Balinese Shaman to read your relationship path and give you some advices. To understand your obstacles and luck as a couple.


Water and Fire Purification Ceremony
This session is live from Bali, an island rich in spiritual heritage. Now is truly the time to connect with our inner selves. Slowly unravel and surrender to the nourishment of Sound Healing. This session will start with a short introduction to chakras and five elements. Then we will do the sound bathing to reconnect with our inner soul and balance our vital life force (prana) and enter into a deep state of relaxation. After the sound healing session, we will do the healing energy meditation with a healing mantra and holy water to release our stress and negative emotions and restart our intention. Crystal has been known for their energy medicine. In this class, we will learn how to release our worry, stress, and overthinking during this pandemic. We will start with an introduction to chakra therapy in Bali and the five elements of our body. You will learn how to use them to heal, clear unwanted energy, and assist in many aspects of life, physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. You will also learn how to program crystals with specific intentions and how to clear and reset them once you have finished using them. After that, we will do the practice session together by chanting the mantra with crystal affirmation. This method can be used to unlock the blocked emotions and release them with ease and grace. Then we will discuss each chakra that you need to be balanced. This session will be closed by doing short meditation together and a water blessing.

we will do the Sound Chakra Balancing in front of the ocean, by this session you can
release the blocking energy within you and connect with your inner soul.



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