Yoga Dunia

Open every day up to 3/4 classes a day.

Yoga means « Union » in Sanskrit, and Dunia « World » in Hindi and Indonesian. That is the reason why at Yoga Dunia, you will be able to discover and/or practice a wise Yoga styles diversity, based on its evolution since its far away origin until nowadays, without forgetting its spiritual fundamentals.

In order to fully enjoy your experience, we provide you a large studio open on a private garden with a charming swimming pool where you could relax after your classes, enjoying a natural fruit juice.

Nature’s Energy being an important matter to transcend Life. Yoga Dunia Lembongan has been built with a predominant choice of natural material; such as a Binkarai wooden floor, an Alang Alang roof (weaved leaves) and a bamboo fence, the whole being harmoniously adjusted by Indonesian craftsmen.

Yoga Dunia Lembongan welcomes anyone animated by the will of discovery or improvement. Our classes and teachers adapt to your level, whatever you are a beginner or an advanced Yogi, without any judgment and with an open heart.

Our experienced teachers comes different horizons, with different experiences, and this beautiful fusion create a blissful harmony and serenity yoga place. We are here to share and grow up with you! We cannot wait to meet you!

At Yoga Dunia Lembongan, our teachers will practice Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative, Pranayama and Classic Indian Yoga; we also provide specific classes for beginners.

90 min Classes including: Yoga mats and props, welcome drink and pool access

Single classes or packages rates

Single class 150.000 Rp

3 classes 400.000 Rp

5 classes 625.000 Rp

7 classes 800.000 Rp

Unlimited Weekly Pass 990.000 Rp

Yoga Dunia also organizes 4 to 10 days’ retreats including Yoga classes, spa treatments, Snorkeling/diving with the Manta Rays, transfers from Bali and accommodation!

Find Us in Tamarind Road, Mushroom Bay, Nusa Lembongan, Bali

Phone or Whats App +62(0)81 353 980 227 Email

Private class

1-2 person 450.000 Rp/pers

3-5 person 250.000 Rp/pers

6 and more 150.000 Rp/pers