RUMAH PUTIH – Pure White Light in Paradise



I love the anticipation of a journey.  How the holiday ahead stretches out with the promise of new discoveries.  An invitation to leave all behind and step onto the undiscovered beach and leave fresh footprints on the sand.

I arrive in Nusa Lembongan with a weary heart and a tired winter mind (life stuff now I have earned the privilege of checking the plus 40 age category on forms and databases).  I knew I needed a break to relax from life but I didn’t think I would credit my accommodation for playing such a huge part in the unwinding process!

I am eager to arrive and filled with anticipation for Nusa Lembongan’s latest addition to it’s luxury villa accommodation repertoire. I travel up the pretty path and I am hoping the burn in my calves from all those steps is promising an incredible view (and an appeasement from the guilt of too many banana pancakes that is a Lembongan breakfast must) to discover the simple white door with Rumah Putih engraved on it, an understated hint that there is something special waiting beyond the door.

A little like Alice in Wonderland, something happens to your soul when you push open that oversized door and step through the entry to Rumah Putih.  Bathed in pure white light (Rumah Putih essentially means white house) and then punched in the heart with that incredible panoramic view, the vastness and the light wrap together and I feel my self actually begin to breathe out.   And right on cue, I am offered a delicious welcome juice to quench my stair climb thirst, whilst I drink in THAT view.

Rumah Putih is set on the hill in Jungut Batu overlooking the surf breaks of Playgrounds, Shipwrecks and Lacerations with a drop dead view of Mount Agung on the mainland to top it off!  Everywhere you glance the breath taking views of the azure sea bounce back at you.  (It helped that the weather gods played generous and showered us with pure, clean skies throughout our stay.)  The clever design of this villa means you can drink in that incredible view at every opportunity and from each and every room, plus the huge expansive mirrors in all the rooms ensure you never have your back turned on the vista!

Understated luxury surrounds with open design featuring an expansive relaxed living area, a large wet edge pool where you feel like you are hovering high in the ocean, indulgent master suites, outdoor bathrooms, separate freestanding bathtubs, luxury bathroom amenities, local artwork, full kitchen and even a cinema room all feature in this incredible home away from home.  With four wonderful staff members to meet all our needs and incredible chefs to boot I was in gastronomic heaven.  Choose from one of the International themed banquets for dinner and indulge in the villa’s complimentary signature lychee martinis each evening as the sun sets with a sigh over Lembongan Strait.

There is so much on offer to enjoy in Lembongan but this time I just couldn’t drag myself away from Rumah Putih.  I didn’t want to lose a minute of this gorgeous place and it’s lovely healing energy.  I managed an in house massage (I didn’t lift a finger; the staff organised it) and we were lucky to indulge in the gastronomic delights from the kitchen and entertain some friends with a dinner party (again I didn’t lift a finger).

New to the choice of accommodation options on Nusa Lembongan, there was nothing to fault at the luxurious Rumah Putih.  Oh, except having to say goodbye…

Sometimes the universe comes together in a perfect alchemy and all we need is delivered.  Sometimes a design comes together in perfect alchemy to assist the universe in delivering!  Thank you Rumah Putih for a delicious escape from the mad world and for bathing me in white light.  The beautiful island of Nusa Lembongan just etched another stroke on my heart!

Special thanks to The Lembongan Traveller for hosting me during this wonderful experience.

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Words and images by The Nomadic Shopper

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