Nusa Penida Day Trips by Coral Shop

West Side Guided Trip

Kelingking Beach

Pantai Pasih Uug & Angel Billabong

Peguyangan Waterfall

East Side Guided Trip

Local Market

Giri Putri Cave Temple

Pantai Atuh


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Depart approx. 8.30am / Return approx. 3.00pm

West Side or East Side Scooter Option

IDR 500,000 / person (min 2 people)

West Side or East Side Car Option

IDR 750,000 / person (min 2 people, max 7 people / car, if over 4 people IDR 600,000 / person)

The above rates include:

  • Hotel / villa transfers on Lembongan
  • Return boat transfers from Lembongan to Penida
  • Guide for the day


West Side or East Side Scooter Option

IDR 300,000 / person (min 2 people)

West Side or East Side Car Option

IDR 450,000 / person (min 2 people, max 7 people)

The above rates include:

  • Accommodation pick up / drop off on Nusa Penida
  • Guide for the day


Phone Coral Shop: +62 (0)813 3800 3231 or  Whats App: +62 822 3664 3261

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We also now have ACCOMMODATION on Nusa Penida.

Kelingkling Beach

Kelingkling beach is spectacular headland, with viewing spots from the top providing amazing photo opportunities.  There is the option to descend to the beach, but this is via a narrow track which has been carved into the cliff face.  Timber railings provide support but the decline is steep and only for those with a good level of health and fitness.  It is an amazing feeling when you make it onto the white sandy shores, however do NOT swim as the rips are severe.

Angel's Billabong

Angel’s Billabong is a short walk from Pasih Uug, an amazing rock formation that is a natural infinity pool.  The “pool” can be accessed by climbing down rocks ( which can be challeging), it is not advised to swim on high tide and when there is a swell.  

Pantai Pasih Uug (Broken Beach) & Secret Manta

Located near Sumpang Village, Pantai Pasih Uug, meaning “damaged beach” is a unique formation of rock and water ways. You may even be able to see manta rays swimming in the waters below.

Peguyangan Waterfall

Guyangan is a natural water spring in Batu Kandik village. The cliff face is home to a series of waterfalls which make their way down the steep ravine. At the base freshwater natural spring pools form before cascading into the ocean.

We don’t recommend climbing down to the spring as it is an extremely severe hike with sections of the stairs and railing missing.  You can take in the amazing coast line from the viewing platform.

Nusa Penida Market

First stop on the West Side day trip is at the bustling local market.  Here you can wonder through the large open air markets and will find everything from fresh fruit & vegetables, fish, poultry to dried fish, plus clothes, baskets and local crafts. 

The range and variety on offer is similar to what we would find at a shopping centre in the western world.  Out of respect to the locals we suggest you make a small purchase during your visit – some bananas are a great snack to have later in the day!

Pantai Atuh

One of the most incredible views of coastline and iridescent blue waters you will ever see.

After getting off the sealed road you will have a few hundred metres of bumpy track where you take a narrow path by foot to the viewing points of magnificent Atuh Beach.  Be aware that there are large cliff faces and children should be in the care of adults at all times.

Nusa Penida Day Trips. Visit Nusa Penida on one of The Lembongan Travellers day trip excursions. Nusa Penida Day Trips.