Private Villas for Couples in Lembongan

Private Villas for Couples in Lembongan

Discover Romance: Private Villas for Couples in Lembongan

Escape the Bali bustle and find your way to the serene shores of Nusa Lembongan, where love blossoms amidst breathtaking landscapes and dreamy villas. The Lembongan Traveller unveils the island’s most romantic retreats, tailored for couples seeking an intimate escape. From private villas for couples to enchanting getaways, let’s dive into the allure of these dreamy abodes that promise to whisk you away on a journey of love.

Villa Madu – From AU$180 per night

Location: Bukit area, overlooking Jungutbatu village

Welcome to Villa Madu, a newly opened gem tucked away in the heart of Jungutbatu. Priced at a steal for AU$180 per night, this one-bedroom haven is a love nest featuring an open plan living space, a private pool, and panoramic views of Mount Agung.

Designed for honeymooners, Villa Madu boasts an all-white decor with locally sourced furnishings, setting the stage for a romantic retreat. Imagine relaxing on the bedroom balcony, enveloped in a net, while the sun dips below the horizon. Despite being just a 5-minute scooter ride from Coconut Beach and Jungutbatu’s vibrant eat street, Villa Madu offers seclusion and tranquility.

Note: Dive into discounted rates until June 2024.

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Villa Damai – From AU$450 per night

Location: Lebaoh, near Lembongan Village

For an adults-only escape in a tropical haven, Villa Damai beckons at AU$450 per night. Villa Damai offers minimal walls but maximum seclusion, located in the quieter part of Nusa Lembongan with stunning views of the ocean, seaweed farms, and Nusa Ceningan.

This one-bedroom villa is your sanctuary for peace and natural beauty, featuring a master bedroom, a kitchenette, an outdoor bathtub, and an indoor shower. Lounge in the 14-meter infinity pool surrounded by lush gardens or watch the day unfold from a sun lounger.

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Sea Shanty – From AU$180 per night

Location: 50 meters from Sandy Bay Beach Club

Embark on a romantic journey at Sea Shanty, priced at AU$180 per night. Crafted from recovered teak in Java, this villa emanates simplicity and beauty, offering a genuine island feel. Spend evenings in the poolside bale under the stars and listen to waves crashing onto Devils Tear.

With a large Bale at the pool’s end, Sea Shanty invites you to immerse yourself in nature. Draw the curtains and turn on the air-conditioning for a cosy retreat or revel in the outdoors. Just 50 meters from Sandy Bay Beach Club, this fully staffed villa ensures a relaxing stay with daily housekeeping and subtle luxuries.

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Villa Kingfisher – From AU$300 per night

Location: Lebaoh, near Lembongan Village

Villa Kingfisher, priced at AU$300 per night, is a special retreat overlooking the Ceningan channel. Indulge in a 20-meter infinity pool, a large relaxation bale, and countless spots to kick back and chill. With one or two-bedroom options, it is Ideal for two couples, friends, or a romantic escape, the villa promises an unforgettable experience.

The main house features an open-plan living space, a curtained-off bedroom with air-conditioning, and an open-air bathroom surrounded by nature. As night falls, savour the twinkling lights of neighbouring Ceningan Island dancing on the water.

Enjoy slow mornings at your leisure as breakfast is served by the poolside or in the comfort of your room.

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Plan Your Romantic Escape with Us

These exquisite Nusa Lembongan villas, curated for couples, invite you to create timeless memories in a romantic and secluded setting. Whether it’s the breathtaking views, intimate designs, or unique experiences, each villa promises an enchanting escape for those seeking a rendezvous with love in paradise. Embrace the romance and let Lembongan cast its spell on your hearts!

For additional details or to secure your booking for these private villas for couples in Nusa Lembongan, please feel free to reach out to our reservations team. Our Lembongan office operates seven days a week. You can drop us an email at holiday@thelembongantraveller.com or send us a message on WhatsApp at +61 478 928 925.



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