Love for Lembongan Update August 2022

Love for Lembongan Update August 2022

The power of community

We feel it is time to reach out and once again thank all of our incredibly generous donors to the Love for Lembongan fundraiser.  Your support through out COVID was nothing short of amazing and gave the local Lembongan so much; in the form of food relief, remedial literacy and numeracy programs, community health checks, providing medication to the disadvantaged and environmental initiatives which included the development of a community garden.

More importantly you gave HOPE.  It was this sense of family and support that helped sustain them during a time of immense challenges, the locals knew they had people from afar caring about them.

Love for Lembongan, with the guidance from Bali Children Foundation, was the vehicle behind implementing programs that touched the entire community, giving ongoing support to the 8000 people living on Nusa Lembongan and Ceningan. This included distributing over 30 tonnes of rice and other essential dry goods, all bought locally and creating an important injection of funds back into the community in the process.

As we move forward into the next phase, Love for Lembongan is focused on supporting community initiatives that are sustainable and beneficial for the longer-term.  We will also continue to support those most in need.

Sadly, last week a local family lost their two bedroom house and kitchen in a fire, destroying everything they owned.  The family of four  ( two children aged 5 & 8 years) have had support from family and friends, however, as you can imagine they are without many standard house hold items.  Our team met with the family this week and have gathered a better understanding of how we can assist them.  Donations are welcome and can made via the link below or if you are on Lembongan, touch base with our team at The Lembongan Traveller office in Jungut Batu.




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