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Bali Diving Academy in Lembongan is a 5 star PADI IDC Center with 100 % safety record .We are located directly on the beach in beautiful Lembongan Bay , where we have our own pool to teach courses in a safe and controlled manner, situated inside the grounds of Bungalow No 7.

Diving in Nusa Lembongan, or its much greater sister Nusa Penida, can be amazing. The Nusas, as they are familiarly called there, are a unique experience. It is almost certain you will be able to dive with Mantas Alfredi (aka Reef Mantas). It is amazing to observe them all year round flying above cleaning stations or performing a mating train.

Besides mantas, we try to bring our customers to not overly crowed dive sites but still with high chance of encountering Mola Alexandrini (aka Mola Mola aka sun fish). From June to October, they are coming from the depths to feed, mate and get cleaned by the reef fishes.

The coral reefs are stunning with a huge diversity of hard and soft corals. Massive bommies and gigantic table corals are very common there. The macro lovers will also enjoy the diversity of little critters like nudies, frogfishes, etc. The visibility can range from 5m to immeasurable depending on the conditions.

We usually go out with our boat 2 – 3 times a day. Early morning for 1 dive, and mid morning for 2 dives with lunch between dives. Schedule is variable depending on tides and daily activities.

We offer:

– Snorkeling

– Discover scuba diving for beginner

– Fun dives for certified divers

– All PADI courses to get certified

All our packages / dive trips include snorkeling or dive equipment, professional dive guide / instructor, community contribution and no hidden cost!

We have a strong focus on Marine Biology programs.

Our in-house Marine Biologist is in charge of our exclusive Dive Master + Marine Biology Training Program. We collaborate with 2 local organizations that are focused in reef restoration, reef conservation and education: Coral Cousins & Nuansa Pulau Community of Nusa Penida.

We also train future PADI instructors in Lembongan.

WhatsApp: +62 877 6004 8543

Email: info@scubali.com

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