Friends of Lembongan & Bali Children Foundation

To further the good work and positive impact Friends of Lembongan (FOL) has developed, it has teamed up with Bali Children Foundation (BCF – for an exciting new pilot programme in one of the island’s primary schools. To make this project a reality BCF are providing the expertise needed and FOL are supplying the funding to make it happen.

The work has already begun – thanks to the cooperation from Pak Wayan Suwidi the school’s headmaster we have taken over one of the rooms in the primary school next to Dream Beach (SD 1 lembongan). It has been painted and fitted out with new furniture, a white board and television. The room is large enough to accommodate 28 children as well as a reading area for them. We aim to establish a good range of books for the children to make use of this area.

The main intention of this programme is to get the children to a point where they are adept with the English language. We want to enable them to get good jobs in hospitality on the island further down the road. The goal is to eventually be able to offer after-school classes to high school children in order to improve their English before they join the workforce.

In-line with this, we have long term plans to offer English classes to villa and general hospitality staff around the island. However the first priority will be with the school children.

To continue and keep with FOL’s core objectives, we have agreed that there will be a strong ecological/environmental message in all the classes. To inspire the children and to get them enthusiastic about this, we made 120 copies of our colouring book “Keep Nusa Lembongan Clean” and ran a competition with the school. The best coloured pages have been blown-up, printed onto canvas and now take pride of place on the classroom wall.

Classes at the school commenced in Nusa Lembongan on 16th May 2016 and we have a teacher from Nusa Penida – Pak Kadek Soma – who has completed his training with BCF in North Bali.

This programme is an exciting and worthwhile initiative that will enable the young people of the island to become valuable employees. It is being sponsored 100% from funds raised by FOL. So far, the costs are being covered by funds raised at Sandy Bay Beach Club’s 5th anniversary party at the end of August 2015.

However, the cost of this programme will be on-going and we need to raise funds for the following:

  • Teacher’s monthly salary
  • Dictionaries for the children – we need to raise just over IDR 10 million for the dictionaries and some donations for this have already been made at Sandy Bay Beach Club.
  • Picture books and any books ideally with a strong environmental message. Initially this is only required for the primary classes but within 3 to 6 months we will need them for primary through to high school.
  • A printer for the teacher and on-going ink and paper

Moving forward with this new educational programme doesn’t mean that we are any less involved or in need of funds for the on-going clean up programmes that FOL run. Funds are always needed for:

  • Buying of rubbish bins
  • Funding of the rubbish collection system
  • Canvas bags for local ‘warungs’ – the intention is to rid the island of plastic bags
  • Promotional items for schools, kids, teachers and warungs (t-shirts, posters, small bags etc.)

Donations can be made direct via BCF by clicking on the following link: Please state FOL as your reference to ensure that your payment comes to Friends of Lembongan to fund our local programmes.

Donations can also be made in cash or by credit card (in person only) at Sandy Bay Beach Club on Nusa Lembongan.

Check out our Facebook page to keep up to date with all that we are doing.

Many thanks to all who have and continue to contribute.