Lembongan Community Market


The second Sunday of every month, The Coconut Hut is host to the Lembongan Community Market, where residents can showcase their fresh produce, hand made goods, or locally sourced items.

Our little island community has become extremely resourceful in the last few months, and we now have available some fantastic organic fruit & vegetables, raw organic honey, locally produced virgin coconut oil, just to name a few. It’s a fantastic way to support these beautiful people, while shopping for the items you need.

With tourism being the islands main source of income, the effects of COVID-19 completely devastated our island community, but with creative resilience and sheer determination we have seen waitresses become sewers, DJ’s become farmers, villa managers become cooks, and even barmen become artists. This is a place where our community comes together to support one another with open arms, and nothing but good vibes.

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