Plastic Exchange Comes to Ceningan

Plastic Exchange Comes to Ceningan

Plastic Exchange Comes to Ceningan

Following the success of Plastic Exchange in Jungut Batu and Lembongan Villages, organisers took this wonderful initiative to Nusa Cenigngan.  The first Plastic Exchange on Ceningan was a great success, with locals bringing in almost 1.5 tonnes of rubbish and in return taking home over 300kg rice.

The highlight of the day was 11 year old Gita. She arrived with a truck FULL of rubbish, which she and her friends had collected and separated into cardboards, plastic and metal.  After weighing it in they collectively took home 27 kgs of rice for their families.

It’s incredible to see how this initiative has grown and is inspiring all, especially the younger generations to participate.  Gita is an a wonderful example of how the program benefits both the island and individuals.  We look forward to Gita sharing the Plastic Exchange message to more of her friends in her village.

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Plastic Exchange Lembongan is a team effort involving a fantastic group of volunteers ( expats and locals) who assist with collating the data of rubbish collected and calculating the rice to received, the community to collect the rubbish and Lembongan Recycle who transport the rubbish back to their facility to be processed.  All Plastic is shredded, compacted and sent to Bali to be recycled into new products.  The money received by Lembongan Recycling is used to pay the Lembongan Recycling team and also to purchase rice for the following exchange.

Gita is pictured here with Plastic Exchange Lembongan founder, Nagi, together they are empowering others and showing their “girl power” during these challenging times.

Plastic Exchange is held every month in three village locations:

Jungut Batu 27th, 9 – 10.30am

Lembongan Village 5th, 2 – 4pm

Ceningan Village 12th, 9 – 11am

If you would like to support this community initiative please see link below to their GO FUND ME.



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