Health Checks and Care Packages for Lembongan Locals

Health Checks and Care Packages for Lembongan Locals

LOVE for Lembongan team have been busy providing health checks and care packages for Lembongan locals.

We partnered with Ibu Nyoman who is affectionately known as “Bunda” (meaning Mother) by the community. She is an earth angel who brings healthcare to those most in need, working as a nurse and midwife at the Jungut Batu hospital for 35 years plus also operates her own private clinic on her days off and after hours.

It is incredibly humbling to be able to be by her side and see how much she gives back to the Lembongan Community. Thanks to your donations we prepared care packages for pregnant mothers and joined her on home visits to the elderly and disabled, where she monitored vital signs, dispensed medication, gave sanitary supplies and diabetic supplements.

Bunda’s connection with her patients is nothing short from amazing, a result from years of work in the community. Many of the elderly patients are blind, have diabetes and unable to move from their bed, relying on family to care for their most basic needs.

Bunda consulted the patients and carers, giving details for medication dosages and comforting those who were distressed. She brings hope and health to those most in need, her commitment to the community is relentless. We will continue to work with Bunda once a week for the month of November, assisting her in reaching over 200 patients.

Thank to everyone who has supported our fundraising efforts, together we can make a difference. Special thanks to our charity partners Bali Children Foundation for their ongoing support of the Lembongan community during these difficult times.




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